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Organic castings


During the entire session we will use recycled Sterling silver. You will learn and practice different kind of organic castings techniques (such as water-casting or spaghetti-casting). You will melt and pour the silver into several mediums, obtaining different shapes and pebbles. You will have the opportunity to select some of the organic pieces that you made and use them to make a combination of your choice of the following set of jewellery: - A pair of earrings (I will solder the ear pins) - One simple open ring (that we will make together) - One pendant (I will solder the jump-ring) You will make a final polishing of all your pieces. Design and possible combinations strictly depend on the organic pieces you obtained during your session. The workshop can be attended by anyone, no previous experience is required. All the tools needed are provided. Price includes an amount of silver (max 25g) that you can melt/remelt, silver wire to make one open ring, two jump-rings, one pair of ear pins. Would you wish to purchase extra material silver, this is also possible upon consultation during the workshop.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that by booking this workshop you are declaring you are an adult as legally intended in the state of Belgium. Instructions regarding health and safety practices will be given by the tutor during the class. Humble Forge Jewellery will not be held liable for any accident occurring as a result of failure to listen to the given instructions. Once a session is booked it cannot be refunded. However, if you cannot attend the class for any reason please contact us to reschedule your session. If the tutor is unable to take the workshop for any reason the session will be rescheduled giving the students as much notice as possible. Where the session cannot be rescheduled the workshop will be cancelled with students given a full refund.

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