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I felt in love with the sand casting technique the first time I tried it. The imperfections, the unique textures, the flow marks. All the details that make a piece of jewellery rough, imperfect and beautiful at the same time. After practicing and slowly mastering the technique, those marks were lost in the making. I got stuck in the research for that thrill and love for the object I was creating, that I had only when that was still so far from perfect.

I eventually decided to keep and enhance those imperfections, textures and marks given by the sand, and embrace them as part of the story of the piece and of its making process. This is what this collection is about: My love for the creating process.

The simplest expression of my  jewellery influenced by everyday classics, such as loop earrings or wedding bands.

Shapes are refined and geometrical, balancing the rough organic sand texture.

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