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Mirrors are the means through which we look at ourselves, deeply in our soul, which core is made by our memories.  Distant recollections of our childhood mostly resurface distorted, altered and often changed. Past reality dissolves in an oneiric dimension shaped by our deepest feelings. Memories live in the realm of dreams where the gods of dreams play with our unconscious. 

I remember spending my childhood Sunday mornings at the beach in my hometown with my father, collecting cuttlefish-bones for our birds and levigated sea-glasses for my personal collection of what I perceived as precious crystals. With this collection I travelled through my memories, to this dream-a-like reality where I can relive again that memories and feelings which are so dear to me now, when I look at myself in the mirror.  

Pieces are named after the gods of dreams in the greek mythology.

Summon the gods, fall asleep,

let them guide you into your unconscious. 

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