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Humble Forge's trademark is uniqueness.

Each piece shows unique details and marks, and it is unreproducible. 

Humble Forge is also elegance and simplicity.

Pieces are designed for every day wearing and every lifestyle. 

Humble Forge is commitment to deliver a quality product that does not cost the earth. 


My pieces are conceived to be worn every day. Free from tangles and tips, lines are purposely clean and suited for every lifestyle. The simple, geometrical but refined shapes are opposed and balanced by the rough and irregular texture given during the casting process. This makes each piece unique and unreproducible. The naturally occurring patina will enrich and enhance the texture with time according to the usage, so that every piece becomes a precious detail sharing the story of its owner. As a reflection of my slow-living vision, pieces are thought to be used, enjoyed and never disposed of or forgotten in a drawer.


I use only recycled materials in the production. My pieces are all made of certified recycled sterling silver - Eco Silver. Chains as well as the so called findings (i.e. connectors and ear scrolls) are also made of recycled silver. Eco silver is sourced at Cooksongold while chains and findings are sourced at Although not stated in Curteis website all their findings are made of recycled silver and they provide a certification upon request (for more information please contact them).


I use a small amount of lab-grown gemstones for my pieces. Lab-grown gems are chemically and mineralogically identical to their natural counterparts and are grown by fairly paid professionals in a safe environment, which makes them a more sustainable option. Lab-grown gemstones are sourced at Ward Gemstones. I also use ethically sourced gemstones, according to availability, from Gemstones Brazil which has been listed among the ethical gemstones suppliers by the ©Incorporation of Goldsmiths. Gemstones Brazil mines, located in the state of Minas Gerais, are compliant with sustainable environmental and social practices.

Packaging & Postage


Packaging is 100% made of recycled/recyclable materials (FSC certified recycled paper boxes and padded envelopes). Eco-Packaging and padded envelops are sourced at Westpack.


Studio Practice

I work on minimising my small business impact on the environment by avoiding toxic chemicals in my practice. For these reasons I never plate my jewellery as this process involves toxic and hardly disposable chemicals. This means not only I don't gold plate my pieces but I also don't add any other plating such as the rhodium finish, often applied to prevent natural oxidation. Sterling silver jewellery will indeed naturally oxidate with time, according to the usage and also your skin ph. This patina can be easily removed in several natural ways (please refer to Jewellery Care for more information). I do not cast with the lost wax technique, but I only use sand-casting or classic hand forging methods, resulting in a very tiny amount of material wasted in the process (burnt sand). All my original models are hand carved and the final pieces are handcrafted by myself in my little studio in Antwerp. Every piece is made to order, to avoid any production waste. Moreover, in partnership with One Tree Planted, each piece of jewellery you purchase will plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest.

For more information on eco-friendly practices,

please contact me at​​

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