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This capsule collection was inspired by my personal journey.


I've found myself lost in the quest for my “true self”, caught in the fragmentation of identities, among our different and various social selves and our multiple intimate inner selves. Is this “true self” something real or is it just a construction that we need to hang on during our uncertain wandering? I felt incapable of finding a balance between the need of introspection, with the expectations it brings, and the need of accepting myself as inevitably a self, made up of different identities, socially created and internally narrated.


Can we actually embrace our identity fragmentation and leave the narration open, fluid? Is it inevitable to fight for the never-ending quest of finding who we really are and what makes our identity real ?

The collection expresses this fluidity and fragmentation of our identity. Sculptures are wearable, showing the world our inner embraced reality, our multi-formed identity. Embracing, showing it off as a jewellery is a metaphor for accepting it as an enrichment. 


I still don’t know what is my true self and whether it really exists. But while leaving the focus on its research, I acknowledged all my other selves, I embraced a fragmented yet fluid identity of mine, still shapable and mutable, free from expectations.

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