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Do you want to learn everything about the sand casting method and how to incorporate stones and gemstones in your design?

I elaborated a full intensive course of two days that will lead to it. We will tackle all the aspects of the sand casting technique, its advantages and its limitations. 

You will learn how to cast objects and create your own designed piece of jewellery with this technique. You will then learn how to incorporate rough stones and round cut gemstones in your design using the so called cast-in-place technique. 




Course content:

Session 1: Sand casting fundamentals, casting a wax ring and a natural object. 

I will provide you with a full in-depth overview of the technique’s principles, advantages and limitations. I will discuss details regarding different materials that can be casted, as well as the metals that can be used for casting and the different casting temperatures and torches/furnaces for melting the metals. 
We will go through two different exercises involving two aspects: design and texture. You will design and then carve your own ring in wax and you will sand-cast the ring in Sterling silver. You will repeat the sand casting exercise with a textured object of your choice. Sand casting allows you to cast natural objects of different materials, shape and texture, enhancing your creativity. 


Session 2: Cast-in-place gemstones.

I will give you a full detailed overview of the setting technique’s principles. I will explain you which kind of stones can or cannot be casted in place, and why. 
We will first practice with the cast-in-place of a rough stone. We will cast a wax ring with a rough stone in place. Then you will learn how to cast-in-place a round-cut gemstone in a pendant first and then in a ring.

I will provide you with all the materials and tools needed for both sessions of the course, including silver and gemstones.

You can bring your own precious rough stones if you wish, upon consultation.

The materials and the silver provided will allow you to make up to four/five pieces of jewellery that you are going to take home with you on the day. 


Price for the full course is 750 €
The amount reflects a total of (estimated) 10 hours of private one-to-one teaching, including all materials and equipment, plus 40gr of silver and the gemstones, four/five pieces of jewellery to bring home with you. The amount has to be payed in full within three weeks before the course dates.


Attendance modality:
The course is divided in two sessions, to be ideally attended over two days (one session per day). We can agree on days and time that are more convenient. 


Molenbergstraat 2, 2070 Zwijndrecht, Belgium. Via public transport, with tram n.3 from Astrid Metro Station (Antwerpen Central Station) or n.9 from Diamant Metro station. By car, you can park for free at my studio (max three car spots). By bike, via Blancefloerlaan and by train (Zwijndrecht train station).

If you wish to join the course just get in touch and I will send you a leaflet with more information and details about the course content, payment methods and terms and conditions. 

Get inspired! 

Here are some of my creations, made using the cast-in-place technique. Join the course to learn everything it takes to cast-in-place gemstones. With time and practice you will soon be able to make yourself pieces like these ones.

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