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Unique pieces. Wearable sculptures. Meaningful heirlooms.


Handmade in Antwerpen


I am inspired and moved to create by all the details, marks and imperfections that make everything in nature unique and beautiful.


"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing"

Camille Pissarro



Mirrors are the means through which we look at ourselves, deeply in our soul, which core is made by our memories.  

Distant recollections of our childhood mostly resurface distorted, altered and often changed. Past reality dissolves in an oneiric dimension shaped by our deepest feelings. Memories live in the realm of dreams where the gods of dreams play with our unconscious... 

Explore my new collection entirely made using the ancient cuttlefish-bone casting technique.

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All my pieces are handmade by myself in my studio in Antwerp using the most ancient techniques of sand-casting and cuttlefish-bone casting.

The texture given during the casting process makes each piece unique and unreproducible.

I'm fully committed to sustainability in my practice, hence I only use recycled materials and fair-traded gemstones.

Want to know more about my studio practice?

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I love sharing my passion, knowledge and experience.

In my studio I regularly run workshops using both the sand-casting and

cuttlefish-bone-casting techniques.

I am going to guide you through all the steps to make your own unique piece of jewellery using the most ancient casting techniques.

Feeling inspired?

I also run private courses and tutoring.

Lessons cover basics of sand-casting and cuttlefish-bone-casting but also more complex techniques such as cast-in-place of different kinds of stones and gemstones.


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